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digibe is based on iBeacons. It works
with smartphones and tablets powering
Bluetooth Smart (4.0 LE) and a corresponding
digibe app for your custom content.

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When we started thinking about digibe, we had the experience of using audio guides in mind. We thought: Why not use smart technology in combination with a device most people already have, to make a museum visit much more visual and exciting?

So we started developing digibe, based on the iBeacon technology. The corresponding app is really smart and recognizes proximity to our iBeacons in a heartbeat.

See how digibe can change the visitor experience


Don't you sometimes get the feeling that your visitors can't really see all of what your museum has to offer? By using digibe, you increase all your exciting exhibit's visibility and enhance visitor's experience.

In addidtion to making the visit more pleasant for your customers, you too stand to benefit from digibe. You can measure how much time visitors spend at certain rooms or exhibits, or which routes they take through your museum.

digibe ibeacon


digibe digital enhancement
featuring Daniel Hoolachan
Philipp T. Müller
Matthias Sastedt
Katharina Schwarzmeier
Sypridon A. Settos

Come see us present and pitch this project at Hochschule der Medien!

You can find us at Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart